HMD Zoom Studio Session Event

HMD Zoom Studio Session Event

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You'll receive a download link with all instructions and details

You will be among 19 others to receive a zoom video link to meet and sit with Devvon Terrell in a group setting. In this group of 20 people you can personally ask Devvon Terrell a question, send audio files to be accessed as well as get tips and tricks as he sits behind pro tools for 1 HOUR or until he's reached every person.

This session will also be filmed and possibly used as content for the channel. All attendants can opt in or opt to have their social media posted in the video.

Event has 4 separate sessions the same day 1 ticket secures 1 time slot. 

    • October 10th 1:00PM Est 
    • October 10th 3:00PM Est 
    • October 10th 5:00PM Est
    • October 10th 7:00PM Est
  • (80 Seats Available)
  • (20 Per Time Slot)


You will receive a zoom link and confirmation upon purchasing your ticket here. 1 ticket purchase is valid for one person. This will sell out fast! 



Why choose us?

Reason one

This is not your average "creative" space. We defy the design of spaces that feel and look rigid and bland. Record in a setting that is inspiring and fullfills your creative desires. Get lost the condo-like setting or create magic in our futuristic studio and game room. What you create out of this space will change you forever!

Reason two

The space is built by artist Devvon Terrell. A space for creators by creators. Understanding the needs of people like us are important to accomplish our goals. Come home.